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Help Center

How can I learn more about your services?

You are more than welcome to reach out by phone or email to schedule an information call.

Do you offer school services?

We do! We just opened a new private school program called LINKS, for nuerodiverse students in Torrance. visit for more information

Can you help with our child's IEP?

Yes, we can meet with the school team and help develop the annual goals for your child, and/or make recommendations for changes to the IEP/Services.

Can you assess our child ? 

We can assess your child with academic assessments such as WIAT or a WRAT to gauge academic levels. Most often students will come to us with tons of assessments already so we will utilize those as baseline scores. 

Can you collaborate with our child's team?

Absolutely! Collaboration is key for success! Especially if there are specific language or recommendations being used in other therapies to help with anxiety or behaviors. Consistency is key so we want to make suer we are utilizing similar approaches in our sessions. 

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