Virtual Therapy Team

Gal Sharony 

Educational Therapist 

        Gal was born in Chile and raised in Miami, Florida. Having graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the Univesity of Central Florida, she went on to get her Master's Degree in Educational Psychology. Gal has traveled the world teaching English and Spanish, as well as providing students in unprivileged schools with Educational Therapy sessions. Gal broadened her practice by assisting students with Special Needs, serving those with Autism, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy.


      Having arrived in California a year ago, Gal has worked with elite Educational Therapy practices in the Santa Monica and South Bay area, learning new tactics, tools and strategies to pass on to her students; she also has extensive training in Executive Functioning skills. Over last semester, Gal enjoyed the opportunity of homeschooling gifted students, which not only provided her with innovative skills but also allowed her to keep growing as a teacher and therapist. Now, and since she joined the ZETA family, Gal has gotten training and experience using the Lindamood-Bell ® program.

Gal recently relocated with her husband to NYC and she is continuing to support students virtually.                                        424.265.ZETA | 424.265.9382

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