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Natalia Zuppardi


ET/P & Advocate

           Natalia was born and raised in the South Bay where she graduated from Rolling Hills Preparatory High School. She then went on to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Communicative Disorders from California State University of Long Beach. She recently received a Masters Of Teaching Degree, with a specialization in Special Education from National University. Natalia is no stranger to academic difficulties, as she has struggled with her own learning challenges and ADHD since the 9th grade. Her experiences as a student have lead Natalia to embrace her learning differences and dedicate her career to helping others find ways to compensate for their challenges.

          After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree, Natalia began working at Lindamood-Bell® as a Clinician and quickly excelled in the programs. She spent the next 5 years as a Director, opening and managing multiple learning centers throughout Southern California. 


     Natalia brings to her clients an energy, empathy,

and knowledge when teaching to help students achieve academic success. She recently completed the COPAA SEAT Program, and will begin her work as a special education advocate in the Fall of 2018.


    Natalia had a dream to open an elementary school in the South Bay for students that learn differently. REACH Elementary school opened it doors on September 4, 2019 for students ages 7-12 years old

.For more information regarding REACH see www.reachelementaryschool.org 

Dan Yoczik

Executive Director of

Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes 

      Dan grew up in Connecticut. He earned a bachelor's degree from the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford and went on to be a classroom art teacher and a preschool teacher. Looking for a new adventure, and a new climate, he packed up his car and drove to Southern California, where he has lived since 2004. 


    Upon his arrival, he taught at the Art Institute of California-Orange County and then worked as a Clinician at Lindamood-Bell ® in Newport Beach. From 2008 to 2016, he served as a Director in their Westwood and Palos Verdes centers, and helped to open their Manhattan Beach satellite center. In 2016 he joined the team at ZETA.


    Dan brings years of experience, patience and his passion for helping others to try to help students reach their learning potential. He lives in the South Bay with his wife, and enjoys sports, listening to music, and outdoor activities (which is why he moved to Southern California). 

Michael Ziegler

Adminstrative Assistant

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