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Ben Weischedel

Educational Therapist 

Kalpana Sarathy 

Educational Therapist

"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity."      


Ben was born in raised in San Pedro, California. Being raised by a teacher, Ben naturally gravitated towards a career in teaching.  From volunteering at the local Boys and Girls Club while in high school, to assisting and leading AVID classes at Chemawa Indian School while in college, education has always been a rewarding experience.


After getting a degree in Anthropology at Willamette University, Ben went on to work at Lindamood Bell as a clinician, consultant, and Center Director in the South Bay. Through countless of clinical hours, Ben has gained experience that allows him to develop underlying skills used in reading fluency, comprehension, vocabulary acquisition, and written expression. After moving on to ZETA in 2017, Ben has continued to work with students in a one-on-one setting to address the individual needs of each student-- weather it be for remediation or to reinforce skills used in curriculum.


Hello! My name is Kalpana Sarathy and I am thrilled to be a part of ZETA! I grew up near Toronto, Canada but went across the border, to the State University of New York at Buffalo for my undergraduate and graduate degrees. I received my B.A. in Psychology/English and my M.A. in School Psychology.


I have received significant professional development in the area of executive functioning skills and their impact upon learning as well as assessment and learning. After practicing in Atlanta for many years in the public schools and at Emory University, I moved to Los Angeles in 2005. I worked for 15 years for Park Century School as a classroom teacher and Math Specialist.


Throughout my career, I have been interested in helping students learn in the way that is best for them based upon their individual profile of strengths and areas of challenge. Building a relationship with a student is very important to me in the learning environment. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, walks on the beach with my dog, reading, cooking and connecting with friends. I am the proud mother of two adult children; my son is 23 and my daughter is 20 and they are both Mira Costa graduates.                                         424.265.ZETA | 424.265.9382

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