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Employment Opportunities 

Educational Therapist: Part-Time


Zuppardi Educational Therapy for Academics  is looking for an Educational Therapist who specializes in 1:1 intervention for students with learning differences, including reading disorders, math disorders, and writing disorders, with knowledge about the latest research and interventions and how to use this knowledge to provide individualized treatments.

Master Degree in a related field or ET Certificate preferred 

Learning Specialist Part-Time


Demonstrates the ability to work with children of all ages who are dealing with various learning troubles. Possesses excellent teaching skills and the ability to intervene when children fall behind their peers academically. Provide support for families direcrtly and virtually to during the school year to assist with distance learning process. 

Bachelor's Degree in a related field a must. 

Ideal candidates will also possess knowledge and skills in the area of Executive Functioning, Autism, ADD/ADHD, and Anxiety. Masters Degree in a related field is preferred. 

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