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Special Education 


 We will be offering Special Education Advocacy services for our families. Date to be determined!


My services may include: 

  • In office Consultation and File review 

  • Records review/analysis

  • Accompanies you to IEPs, IFSPs, SSTs, or 504 meetings to provide advice and assistance.

  • Developing meeting agendas 

  • Can provide classroom observation reports.

  • Help interpret the meaning of assessments and reports to parents, and explain their significance to the child's educational needs.

  • Assist you in filing compliance complaints.

  • Assistance with writing letters, organizing documentation, and identifying additional resources

  • Review IEP, 504 or other documents before you sign them.

  • Monitoring progress on IEP goals or draft appropriate goals as needed

  • Help you find tutors, reading specialists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, or other specialists that your child might need.

  • Providing referrals to legal services, evaluators, and therapists

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